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How to wave

  • Step 1. Hair should be clean, dry and free of tangles before using. Rest the iron on its stand on a smooth, heat-resistant flat surface, and plug it in. Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the unit turns on and the ‘ON’ indicator lights up. Adjust the temperature using the left and right buttons to reach your desired heat. For healthier styling we suggest using 180°C/360°F heat setting unless you have very course/thick hair.
  • Step 2. The key to long lasting, lush waves is prepping your hair correctly. We advise you to use a heat protection spray, which will protect your strands from heat and give your hair extra hold.
  • Step 3. Start by dividing hair into sections with clips. Smaller sections will create more defined waves. Taking one section at a time, start at the top close to the roots and clamp the hair, making sure that the hair is evenly placed inside the barrels. Be careful not to touch the scalp with the tool. Hold for 2-5 seconds. Hold for less time if hair is easy to curl, or if you want less defined waves. Once you have released your first clamp, re-clamp the top barrel of the waver on to the last wave bend. You want to overlap each wave with your waver to create a seamless wave from roots to ends. Repeat this process through to the ends over the whole head.
  • Step 4. Once you have finished waving, make sure the hair has completely cooled down before touching to allow it time to set.
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